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This was the beginning of the livingroom. As you can see I first had a window to a garden (?) in the back, but that wasn't a good idea. Now there's a cupboard and in christmas-times the christmastree.

There's a lot of cirkit as you can see. That's necessary, because all the lights (and sounds) can be used separately.

In September 1999  the living-room is almost ready. Ceiling and lamp are on their way. 
Left a close-up of the stove (made by Cees Eijking from De Rijp, Holland) with a part of the fireplace (self-made with a milling-machine)


This is a picture from me and my two sisters (I'm the eldest).

If you look carefully, you'll see the stove as we used to have it 30 years ago. We're beautiful dressed in dresses from the seventies don't you think ?

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